Theme: “Drugs, Death, and the Darkside of Skateboarding.”

Speaker: Tas Pappas (Former World Skateboarding Champion) 

A lot of ink has been printed about the Pappas brothers over the years. From endless profiles in skate mags as Tas and his younger sibling Ben climbed from suburban Melbourne/Australian skate rats to dethroning reigning champ Tony Hawk in 1996 and becoming the number one and two vert skaters in the world respectively. To the extensive coverage of Ben’s fall from grace in ’99 when he was caught smuggling cocaine into Australia, and Tas’ own trials and tribulations that saw him incarcerated in the USA. Then in 2007 the ultimate tragedy occurred when Ben took the life of his partner and then himself – all relentlessly covered by the media.

Finally, as Tas found his life rapidly spiralling out of control, he was apprehended entering Sydney airport with a large quantity of cocaine, in circumstances eerily similar to his brother’s own arrest nearly a decade previously, and sentenced to prison in 2008. Tas was left crushed. Emotionally, spiritually, and physically decimated by the series of tragedies that have afflicted his family for the better part of the past two decades. While serving his sentence he found comfort in the Bible and turned his sights to his future. A new film ‘All This Mayhem’, directed by childhood friend Eddie Martin endeavours to look behind the headlines and leering tabloids and give an honest insight into Tas’ life. From the heights of his career as one of the most innovative vert skaters in the world, to the depths of his personal lows, to his return to the board that has seen him conquer the illusive 900 (the first Australian to do so) and reclaim his spot among the greats in the sport.

No matter what age you are, come and hear what Tas has to share.


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