Do I have to be a Christian to attend your sessions?

Not at all. We welcome everyone at our meetings regardless of faith, belief or lack thereof.

Do you have any expectations of new visitors?

No. We certainly have no expectations or requirements. Although our meetings are Christian in nature, we do not impose our beliefs on anyone. We do not ask for money aside from an optional gold coin donation at the end of the night or for canned food that is donated to those in need. Boundaries of visitors are respected at all times and we do not interfere or get involved where we are not wanted. There are no obligations placed on any visitors or members.

Is there anyone I can talk to?

Absolutely. Please feel free to call any of our leaders on the Contact Us page. Alternatively, please come along to one of our meetings. Upcoming events can be viewed here.

Why are women not allowed?

The group is exclusively for men because it provides an environment and atmosphere for men to speak freely and comfortably. We find that this sort of environment is more conducive to openness and to the provision of support that is often required. At the end of every year, we do have a Christmas party that everyone is invited to. It gives family members or friends the opportunity to attend. During the year, we also have a weekend away.

What if I come from a different faith, or am an atheist or agnostic?

It does not matter because you are welcome anyway. Our first and foremost priority is to provide support, friendship and assistance to men wherever and whenever it may be necessary. Issues or questions of faith will usually arise only when you chose to raise the subject.

Are you affiliated with any particular church or denomination?

We are not affiliated with any denomination although we do identify ourselves as evangelical Christians. Our meetings take place in the Williamstown Gospel Mission.